Hostel Zdětín

In hostel in the village Zdětín we offer an accommodation for workers and for undemanding tourists. The capacity is 16 beds. There are single rooms, double rooms and multi-bed rooms in the hostel (no more than five beds in one room). A kitchen and social facilities are collective

Furnishings of the room:

  • a bed with storage space
  • a blanket, a pillow, bed clothes
  • a bedside table
  • a wardrobe
  • a table and a chair
  • a refrigerator

Furnishings of the kitchen:

  • a gas cooker
  • an electric oven
  • a microwave oven
  • a refrigerator and a freezer
  • a jug kettle
  • a sandwich maker
  • basic dishes – glasses, mugs, plates, cutlery, pots, pans and smaller dishes

Social facilities:

  • 2 separate shower baths
  • a washbasin with a mirror
  • on ladies´ toilets is available free of charge an automatic washer
  • a ladies´ toilet – 1 toilet bowl, a washbasin, a mirror
  • a men´s toilet – 2 urinals, 2 toilet bowls, a washbasin, a mirror

There are new plastic windows in the hostel, spaces are newly painted, in the kitchen is a new kitchen cabinets, there are new wardrobes with a big capacity on the rooms.

There is free WiFi in all of the spaces. The parking is possible in the premises of the hostel, that is locked at night.

There is periodic bus connection between the village Zdětín and the city Prostějov (the distance is 12 km, about 20 minutes). There is a pub in the village Zdětín.

We pay attention on cleanness and pleasant, non-conflict surroundings. Thanks to lower capacity of the hostel is ensured peaceful surroundings and friendly atmosphere.


Zdětín 150
798 43 Ptení

Ing. Darina Režná
tel: +420 607 092 040